Saturday, May 3, 2014

Treasure Trunk Part 1: VERY rough draft

Ok, so as i have talked about in previous blogs, I have been spending almost all of my free time (whoa, wait you say, free time? What free time, you are a stay at home mom of three that home-schools and has a mountain of laundry that is beginning to take on human characteristics and a kitchen that is beginning to rival anything you might see on Hoarders and...well the list goes on). So okay, I's not really "free time" since my kitchen and laundry and all other parts of the house/chores are paying the price for my neglect, but whatever, we can ignore that small detail, right? Anyway, I have been spending almost all of my "after the kids are asleep and I really should be taking care of my responsibilities or at least sleeping" time, on various craft projects for my sister and her soon to be here baby girl. One of these projects is a very cool treasure trunk by Kathy Orta. I have decided to use Tim Holtz's Wallflower paper collection, I am absolutely in love with these papers, and i will be making a matching mini album to go with the trunk. I am also using Tim's faucet knobs and various other goodies. These are some pictures of the trunk in VERY rough form (as the title suggests) so please don't judge quite yet.

So as you can see, I have a TON of finishing work to do, but you get the basic idea from the pictures. I think this will be the perfect place for my sister to keep all the little keepsakes that come with having a baby, especially your first. Throw in a little mini album in one of the drawers, for the millions of pictures and ephemera (doctors notes, hospital bracelets, and other related memorabilia) and I think this is going to be a great shower gift. Hope you enjoy a sneak peek into what I have been doing with all my "free time."
Till next time friends,
Keep it Crafty

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  1. Julie...the comment that you left on my blog was so sweet and really touched my heart. Thank you so much for sharing with me. Your chest you are making for your sister is going to be magnificent! Kathy Orta has some amazing designs, doesn't she? Your choice of Tim's wall flower paper is a great one! I love that paper! I know your sister it going to love this very special keepsake you are making for her as a celebration of her new baby. Enjoy your Sunday. Hopefully you are getting a little "down time" as it sounds like you are one non stop, busy mom. <3 Candy